About the Call for Sessions

This is an invitation to Tanzanian and foreign organizations and individuals to submit proposals for hosting sessions during the CSO Week 2019. The call for sessions is now closed.

Thematic Direction

The theme for the CSO Week 2019 is “Progress through Partnership: Collaboration as a Driver for Development in Tanzania.” It is our hope that, the agenda for this event will enable CSOs to unlock mutually beneficial partnerships with the central government, parliament and the private sector and any other important development stakeholders. The content of the session should therefore be directed at building trust by tangibly demonstrating the civil society sector’s value to Tanzania’s social economic development.


The conversations and sessions must thus be guided by the following values and ideas:

Constructive – engaging respectfully and constructively, understanding each other’s positions while accepting that we may sometimes be on opposite sides in the battles of ideas

Forward-Looking – too often, our national dialogue gets caught up in the immediate here and now, focusing, largely unsuccessfully on making sense of daily events. CSO Week 2019 should focus on the future and the type of country we wish to build together, and the pathways that may take us there.

Grounded – the emphasis should always be on the people whom we all seek to serve. This is the shared starting point and value between government more broadly and CSOs therefore we must continually be pulling ourselves back to citizens’ perspectives and priorities. This is also an important way for CSOs to demonstrate their value to MPs, by connecting them with citizens’ voices.

Evidence-based – beyond taking into account citizens’ views, government should base decisions, policies, laws on evidence, particularly of what works and what does not in terms of addressing social challenges. This is another element of value that CSOs can bring to MPs, supporting them to review available evidence and make sense of it or even through collecting data that would enhance their work.

Analytical – looking beyond the surface of an issue to understand long-term implications, to view the trends in context and to attempt to understand deeper root causes rather than external symptoms. Among our number are experts of all kinds who can support MPs to analyse issues directly or build their capacity to do so.