The CSO Week is funded on a cost-sharing basis. Funds are pooled together by co-organizers and contributions collected from interested participants through conference registration fees covering only a portion of the conference services.

The registration drive kicks off today, 2 nd September 2022. Early Bird registration ends on 10 th October 2022 at a fee of TZS 300,000 per participant. From 11 th to 17 th October the registration fee will be TZS 400,000 per participant. Please note that the registration process will be closed on 17 th October to allow for final preparations to be made.

Please Click the link below and you will be directed to the registration and payment page. Payments can be made via mobile money or debit/credit cards.

TZS 400,000
24 - 28 October
Access to all conference venues
Conference package
Meals for the full period of the conference
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