The Regional Commissioner of Dodoma Hon. Dr. Binilith Mahenge has officially welcomed all AZAKI to Dodoma, the nation’s capital city and home to the Parliament of Tanzania.

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the capital city of Dodoma…and since you are all here, I would like to urge all of you to find time to visit our city council so that you can purchase a plot for residency or doing business. Let us build Dodoma together,” said Dr. Mahenge at the launch of CSO Week 2019 yesterday.

Regional Commissioner for Dodoma Hon. Dr. Binilith Mahenge gestures as he welcomes members of AZAKI (not in picture) to Dodoma during the launch of CSO Week 2019.

According to Dr. Mahenge, they are looking forward to make Dodoma a new regional business hub for East and Central Africa. The regional development vision, which is “Promoting Dodoma Region such that it becomes a new business hub and growth pole for the East and Central African Economic Region,” is congruent and so guided by the values and virtues of the Tanzanian Development Vision 2025.

Among the investment opportunities found in Dodoma include: One, crops production such as for vineyards; oil seeds and especially sunflower, sesame, cotton and groundnuts, sorghum, cassava; fruits and vegetables. Second, Animal husbandry: cattle and small animals, poultry, aquaculture and beekeeping.

Others include enhancing value addition and deepening local contents in areas such as industries, tourism, trade and logistics, as well as real estate.

According to the Dodoma Region Investment Guide, Dodoma Region is a newly unfolding investment and business opportunity. The region had a population of 2,312,141 in 2017. It lies in the heart of Tanzania in the Eastern-Central part of the country, being about 300 miles (480 kilometres) from the Indian Ocean coast. The region covers an area of 41,311 square kilometres and is bordered by four Regions namely Manyara, Singida, Iringa, and Morogoro.

The Region is also located along the Central Corridor of East Africa. The Central Corridor runs south of the Lake Victoria zone through Dodoma to the Dar es Salaam Port.

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