This award targeted organizations or individuals that have collaborated with the government to bring any significant change in their societies.

This may include engaging government through inclusion in various decision making bodies, policy engagement or any other form of engagement that can demonstrate the value of civil society – government relations.



Femina Hip
Tanzania Natural Resource Forum
Wotesawa Domestic Workers Organization

Femina Hip which was established in 2002 is specifically targeting young women and men, aged 13-30 years by promoting healthy lifestyles, sexual and reproductive health and rights, economic empowerment, citizen engagement and gender equality. The Femina Hip Community Mobilization Program promotes discussion, dialogue and growth in a constructive and open space by triggering action through Fema Clubs. Teachers and mentors are trained to support these clubs. It also engages regional and district education officers in these trainings in order to root its work and club system more effectively at the local government level. This framework supports a deepening of awareness and promotes attitude change. In 2018, Femina Hip succeeded in convincing the government and other stakeholders to use Fema Clubbers as ‘cases’ for documenting menstruation realities in Dodoma.In that same year, at a Tanga Fema Club Network Festival, Minister Ummy Mwalimu proclaimed that she would advise all LGAs to ensure Fema Clubs were established in their schools.

The Tanzania Natural Resource Forum is a network organization, with 6000 member-based organizations. It was registered in 2006 to promote improvement of natural resource governance to achieve sustainable rural livelihoods and better conservation outcomes. TNRF has been effective in influencing policy change including Wildlife Act 5/1999, Land policy of 1995(with its review of 2018), Wildlife corridor regulation of 2018, Forestry Act, national environmental Act 2018. These have impacts to sustainable livelihood of the community. TNRF has successful implemented considerable programs and activities; among of the recent one was a forest campaign “MAMA MISITU CAMPAIGN” which TNRF facilitated dialogue with government agencies to enhance support on improving forest governance and combating forest crimes. The campaign has had positive impacts towards the community and forest product traders especially on how they value natural forest in terms of utilization and ecological value

Wotesawa was registered in 2012 and is operated by former domestic workers, based in Mwanza. The organization was established for the purpose of empowering and advocating for the rights and welfare of domestic workers, and enabling them to know their rights, dignity, and report any forms of abuse and exploitation. Since its establishment, the organization has been working closely with the law enforcers and Local Government Authorities, particularly, Police, Ward Executive Officers, Social Welfare officers, Street officers and ten cell members. As a result of such a working collaboration, more than 3000 domestic workers have been identified and trained, 132 abuse cases were reported and referred, 48 underage- kids (bellow 14years) and abused domestic workers were rescued and kept under temporary shelter for repatriation. Moreover, majority of employers of domestic workers have signed working contracts with their employees under the supervision of local leaders and labor officers.