This award targeted organizations or individuals who have worked to break institutional, physical, and societal barriers that hinder people with disabilities’ access to services and prevent them from enjoying their rights.

No runners-up: None of the remaining candidates met the criteria



Child Support Tanzania

Started in 2007, CST works on inclusive early childhood education in Mbeya and has been a key advocate of inclusive education systems in public primary schools in the region. CST has trained more than 250 teachers in 22 schools on inclusive education. Close to 500 disabled children have enrolled in the schools it works with. It has established 21 Child Rights Clubs, consisting of children with and without disabilities, and act as drivers of change within the schools. It has also established 15 Parents Support groups within the region to act as family therapy groups for parents of children with disabilities. Through its interventions, communities, private and public partners have mobilized efforts to build wheel chair ramps in schools, disability inclusive toilets and other facilities necessary for an inclusive education. The organization runs the only fully inclusive school in the southern highlands of Tanzania.