This award targeted organizations or individuals who have improved the quality of life for poor or marginalized people by providing them with access to livelihood opportunities and contributing to increasing their savings or income and reducing their losses.



Youth Employment Initiative Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Growth Trust
Ujamaa Community Resource Team

YEID is a joint project between 3 organizations; Open Mind Tanzania, Tanzania Youth Vision Association and Youth for Africa. Started in 2014, the project addresses the lack of employment information among youth in Dar es Salaam. The project has 4 key wings; provision of information on the employment sector, entrepreneurship training, labor market training and advocacy. The information provision helps the youth to identify an area of interest and there after receive relevant training and mentorship. Since 2014, the project has directly reached more than 14,000 youth through the information provision meetings. Close to 100 entrepreneurship training sessions have been conducted and more 1,600 youth impacted. On the other hand, more 1,700 youth have been trained in the labor market and more than 600 were placed in various internship and volunteer opportunities. The project has attracted interest from private and public sector as various organization are willing to support it.

Since 1992 TGT has been empowering young entrepreneurs, women led SMEs and smallholder farmers. Its MKUBWA program that is now on its 3rd phase has reached more than 8,000 women SMEs in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. The program targets low income women entrepreneurs who engage in sub-sectors of textile, food processing, handcraft and farming and provide them with business development services that are designed to support and accelerate the growth of their businesses. The women receive hands on training, individual coaching and linked to market networks, regulatory authorities, and financial service providers. TGT has been at the forefront at strengthening SMEs by helping different groups to come together and create associations like the Mwanga Association of Small Producers, Mtwara Small Enterprise Development Association, and Zanzibar Association of Small-Scale Producers.

It’s currently piloting a project targeting economically marginalized women, helping them improve their situation through small businesses. Most of the women in the pilot cannot read or write.

UCRT was established in 1997 to support local communities in Arusha and Manyara in promoting local stewardship of land and other natural resources. It empowers marginalized people in the rangelands of northern Tanzania to secure rights to their natural resources and land. It helps these communities by representing their land rights, advocating on their behalf to local and national government, and securing legal ownership of their traditional lands. UCRT has formed 60 traditional councils, each with about 24 members - discussing economic and leadership matters, specifically inclusion of women in decision making in those spheres. They have been successful in organizing women as groups and individuals in attaining legal land ownership with which they have engaged in economic activities to generate income from.