This award targeted organizations or individuals who have worked towards addressing the reasons why people fight and supported societies to manage their differences and conflicts without resorting to violence.

These institutions or individuals have typically made efforts aimed at managing, mitigating, resolving and transforming the central aspects of political, religious, social conflicts through peace processes such as dialogue, negotiation, and mediation.

No 2nd runner Up: None of the remaining candidates met the criteria



Tanzania Initiative for Social and Economic Relief
Kinnapa Development Program

TISER was registered in 2012, and undertakes its work in Morogoro Tanzania, focusing on Peace building and conflict resolution mechanisms. For the past two years, TISER has been engaging in peace building processes between pastoralists and farmers in Mvomero District in Morogoro. Before the interventions, the communities had been living in hostility, hatred, resentments, and revenge and never wanted to talk or see each other. Police reports show that, between 20 and 30 land and crops related cases were reported weekly. TISER decided to intervene in the situation, through introduction of various peace building techniques.

The organization brought together the two conflict parties through sports tournaments, dialogues, and training to peace committees and promotion of message of Peace to youth and school children. After such implementation, pastoralists and farmers are now collaborating in many economic activities and are now living in peace and harmony.

KINNAPA Development Program has been operating since 1992 to advance the rights of rural communities in Kiteto District in Manyara region. KINNAPA works with Pastoralists, farmers, Hunters and gatherers groups through assisting them to know their land rights and encourage them to secure their lands through Certificate of Village Land (CVL). The organization further promotes the community to adhere to the land use planning mechanism in order to resolve land related conflicts among the mentioned groups. For the last 6 years land related conflicts between farmers and pastoralists in Kiteto District were rampant and life threatening to extent that losing lives following clashes between farmers and pastoralists. Seeing that, KINNAPA in collaboration with other stakeholders working in Kiteto intervened to introduce conflict resolutions programs which led to restoration of peace. The communities are now living peaceful and the relations between farmers and pastoralists have greatly improved.

It’s currently piloting a project targeting economically marginalized women, helping them improve their situation through small businesses. Most of the women in the pilot cannot read or write.