This award targeted private sector actors, both institutional or individual who have used their resources and efforts to achieve development impact.

This also targeted impactful corporate social responsibility initiatives carried out by private sector companies.

No runners-up. None of the remaining candidates met the criteria

Outstanding private sector contribution in social development


Global Compact Network Tanzania

The Global Compact Network Tanzania (GCNT) is the local network chapter of the United Nations Global Compact. It supports Tanzanian signatories in the implementation of the Ten Principles in areas of human rights, labor standards environment and anti-corruption, while facilitating and creating opportunities for multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration. The network helps companies to identify sustainability challenges and opportunities; provide practical guidance for action; and promote action in support of broader UN goals. Local Network activities are based on local priorities and needs. They range from corporate sustainability seminars, reporting trainings, issue-specific workshops, country-based consultations and policy dialogue to collective action projects, partnerships, networking events, local newsletters and awards. To date there are 36 signatories on the GCNT, including umbrella organizations like TPSF which represent many other members in the private sector.