This award targeted organizations or individuals that have brought out new ideas, techniques as well as implementation in order to achieve one or more development goals.

This may not only focus on new or emerging technologies but may also involve old technologies or methods being applied in new areas or fields.

No 2nd runner up: None of the remaining candidates met the criteria

Outstanding use of innovative and creative methods to achieve change


Shule Direct
Femina Hip

Shule Direct which was registered in 2013, improves the potential of learners in Tanzania through access to qualified and affordable digital educational content which can be accessed from (i) Shule Direct’s website (ii) Makini Text Message Service is an SMS platform and accessible to both smartphones and feature phones reaching out to low income communities.(iii) Shule Direct Mobile App for Android launched in December 2016, reached 10,000 downloads within just 3 months (iv) Shule Direct Mobile App for iOS which is the latest addition to the portfolio, enables students and teachers to learn, revise and share over 11 Secondary School subjects.

(v) ELIMINIKA is an offline Learning Management System covering the entire secondary school curriculum for Tanzania with text based notes, 3D science diagrams and revision quizzes. These platforms to date have enabled learning to more than 1.4 million users, over 20,000 teachers, over 70 schools and centers.

Femina HIP which was established in 2002 is specifically targeting young women and men, aged 13-30 years by promoting healthy lifestyles, sexual and reproductive health and rights, economic empowerment, citizen engagement and gender equality. Femina Hip has the following media products which inspire and stimulate their audience: Fema Magazine is widely used to create Fema Clubs as an empowering vehicle for secondary students and out of school youth. Other media products are Fema TV Show and Fema Radio, as well as Fema Social Media and Ruka Juu TV Entrepreneurship which all reinforce and complement the content of FEMA magazine and extend their reach.

The numbers of youth reached by Fema magazine has risen from 4,062,713 in 2017 to 11,597,685 in 2018. Through a combination of media products and outreach activities, Femina Hip reached a total of 14,267,983 youth in 2018.