This award targeted organizations or individuals who have enabled resources to be availed in the interest of achieving developmental goals.

The promotion of local philanthropy and resource mobilization could be done through private donations or fundraising efforts aimed at addressing poverty and manifestations of poverty.

No runners-up: None of the remaining candidates met the criteria

Outstanding work in local philanthropy and resource mobilization


Realizing Education for Development

Realizing Education Development was registered in 2015 focusing on education, specifically, on the improvement of quality of education through library refurbishment, reading promotion and upgrading teachers’ professionalism. By August, 2019, the organization had refurbished 119 libraries (by creating full furnished libraries, equipping with local fiction and text books) in 21 regions of Tanzania. The organization has further donated more than 1.6 million books across secondary schools in Tanzania. Moreover, the organization has reached 871 teachers through teachers training and has built the capacity of 4,040 students through online reading programs which is known as Soma connect.

The organization uses the local fundraised resources to cater for 90% of its development budget yearly. The interventions have had positive impact to Students participating in the reading programs, who seem to have developed self-esteem and increase their self-confidence compared to/before the intervention.