The government will soon be finalizing an online registration platform that will enable new CSOs to register their organizations in a more timely and effective fashion, the CSO E-Newsletter has learnt.

The announcement was made yesterday by the Registrar of NGOs, Ms. Vickness Mayao, during the CSO Week 2019 session on ‘The Evidence: What have we learnt about state – CSO relations in Tanzania?’.

Responding to questions from the floor, Ms. Mayao mentioned that the government acknowledges the trouble which individuals go through when trying to register new CSOs, most especially when it comes to travelling all the way to Dodoma and having to make a follow up with the relevant authorities to make sure that their respective NGO has been registered.

“Our goal with this new innovative tool is to make the registration of NGOs convenient. Whereas, any individual sitting behind their laptops with an internet connection from any location in Tanzania will be able to successfully complete their application easily, on time and with less bureaucracy,” said Mayao.

According to Mayao, the migration of Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Seniors and Children to the process of online registration is after successful cases in other governmental departments such as BRELA and Immigration when it comes to registering companies and applying for passports.

“Sad enough, our department is lacking the right number of staff to handle efficiently the process the NGO registration. Thus, we believe that this new online system, will cut down on paperwork and enable our limited number of staff available to process the applications at a much greater pace,” the Registrar added.

The faster the pace of registration, the faster communities can be accessed with more NGOs assisting them in solving the socio-economic challenges facing their communities.