Members of Parliament attending the ongoing CSO Week 2019 in Dodoma have weighed in on different political and socio-economic issues pertaining to the country during the various discussions hosted by AZAKI.

Contributing to a session hosted by WAJIBU Institute of Public Accountability on the State of Accountability in Tanzania: The President’s 100 billionaires target: What should be done to realize this noble idea? Hon. Zitto Kabwe, MP of Kigoma town said that in order to increase wealth, we must first increase the number of economic activities that will enable wealth creation.

“Producing 100 billionaires in the country is possible, however, in order to produce them, we must first know how many of them currently exist and what kind of environment should we build in order to produce more of them. And in order for it to become a national debate we must include it as a national policy, rather than just keeping it as a song for the private sector,” said Kabwe.

Speaking on the Extractive Sector and Power Dynamics, in particular to Oversight, Representation and Legislation, Hon. Josephine Lemoya, MP of the East Africa Legislative Assembly questioned the integrity of leaders.

“When we as Members of Parliament carry out our duties as representatives, most especially in the area of extractives, how well do we do it? Do we include the interests of our people?” she queried.

On the legal framework governing the extractive industry, Hon. Salome Makamba, Special Seats MP, said that the government can be willing to make changes in the law, however, the fundamental question is if citizens are ready for the change? In particular to the kind of effect that can be brought out of those changes.

Meanwhile, commenting on Local Content in the Extractive Sector, Hon. Abdallah Mtolea, MP of Temeke, said that it is very possible to have Tanzanian’s who will be producing food to be purchased by investors in the extractive sector.

“However, to achieve this, we need to support our people by preparing them, building a conducive business environment where they are able to access loans, agriculture facilities and equipment at reasonable prices, as well as giving them the right education and skills on packaging and marketing their products,” said Mtolea.

On public finance management, transparency and accountability, Hon. Vedasto Ngombale Mwiru, MP of Kilwa North who is also the Chairperson of the Local Authorities Accounts Committee (LAAC) said that his committee is not dysfunctional, but continues to carry out its duties and responsibilities according to its mandate under the law.

In addition, Hon. Omary Kigua, MP for Kilindi and member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said that the responsibility of the committee is not only to keep an eye of what is spent from income but also to recommend on what unnecessary items of expenditure can be reduced in order to save the government money.