1.0 Contextual Overview

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) emerged in Tanzania for the first time in the 1990s, both in formal and informal settings. These include non-governmental, not-for-profit, community-based, and faithbased organizations. Others include associations; trade unions; professional institutions, and media among others. Since their establishment, they have made significant contributions in improvement of social justice, service delivery and development in Tanzania. Outcomes of CSOs were further catalyzed by linkages between the community and policy institutions such as the Parliament and Government, both at Local and Central.

Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in collaboration with key partners and other stakeholders in the sector as well as other institutions will be holding “The Tanzania Civil Society Week 2018” from 22nd to 26th October this year in Dodoma City with the theme drawn from the national 5 Year Development Plan (2018/17 – 2020/21) “Nurturing Industrialization for Economic Transformation and Human Development”.

With the government being its biggest stakeholder, the civil society, under the auspices of Foundation for Civil Society saw an entry point to re-engage with the government by linking it with the CSOs and other key partners through this Week. And given the government’s drive for industrialization and shift its Capital to Dodoma, the CSOs could not find a better reason for organizing this event in Dodoma. The CSO Week is geared at showcasing the CSOs’ work, particularly by joining forces with the government through facilitating citizens’ and communities participation in the building of an industrial economy.

This is aimed at joining forces with the government in the industrialization drive focusing on social justice, inclusion and citizens’ participation. The Week will create an avenue for information exchange and learning experience on people as the central element of sustainable development, the policies and plans that facilitate such. It is a space for constructive dialogue between CSOs, policy and lawmakers, building of rapport for complementarity to enable effective engagement of the public and CSO on issues of national interest. It is also focused at establishing a broad understanding of the work of CSOs and its complementarity to government efforts.

2.0 Objectives

This Week shall be held from 22nd – 26th October 2018, bringing together over 300 CSOs from

Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Its objectives are:

To reposition Foundation for Civil Society through the creation of a culture of constructive

  • dialogue and engagement with Government and Parliament for improved working relationship and collaboration.
  • Creation of linkages and identification of opportunities for information and knowledge flow for improved CSO engagement with Parliament and Government.
  • To strengthen working relationship and collaboration between the Government, Civil society and Private sector through the culture of constructive dialogue and continuous engagement with government for improved working relationships and collaboration.
  • To showcase, publicize the work of CSO and their contribution to the building of an industrial economy.
  • To explore opportunities, ideas and fresh approaches for join collaboration with the three arms of government, private sector and other development actors in Tanzania’s industrialization agenda.
  • To create multi-institution synergies (NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Associations, Trade unions, Academic/ research Institutions, INGOs) for collaboration and partnership.

3.0 Expected Outcomes

The CSO Week 2018 is intended to have the following expected outcomes;

  • Effective policy engagements – by CSO through enhanced confidence and trust building between Parliament, government institutions and CSO.
  • Improve relation and use of information – from CSO by Parliament and Government and vice versa for complementarity between the work of the Parliament, Government and the CSOs.
  • Increased visibility – of CSOs and their contribution in socio-economic development of the country to the government, national parliament, and general public.
  • Increased collaborations and partnerships – between National CSOs (national and grassroots), International CSOs, private sector, policy makers etc.
  • Increased linkages and engagements – between civil society organization and the government at both National and Local government

4.0 The CSOs’ Week Design and Format

The Week will have a number of main as well as side events and networking sessions for experience and knowledge sharing, learning, self-reflection and showcasing of achievements of CSO, as detailed below:-

a) Opening and Closing sessions: To flag on and off the sessions and settling the tone and mood for the Week.

b) Workshop sessions: Organized throughout the week through general, side and de-briefing sessions on various selected themes. The overriding theme of the week shall be: Industrialization Drive in Tanzania: People, Policy and Practice.

c) CSO Exhibitions: Participants to the week will have an opportunity to showcase and publicize their work through displays. This attendance will be subject to confirmation and payment of a fixed nominal fee to enable the arrangement and procurement of exhibition facilities.

d) Service provision: Opportunity to extend CSO programs to the public and the CSO week participants on various services provided by CSOs such as health screening on HIV/AIDs, breast cancer, eye/sight tests, screening for non-communicable diseases such as BP and diabetics and provision of legal assistance.

e) Networking sessions: The building of relations and understanding require both a formal and informal sessions. The week will also have light moments were members of CSO can have an opportunity to create networks and establish linkages with Members of Parliament and Government through evening social networking events.

5.0 Opportunity for CSOs in the CSOs’ week

Opportunities for CSO contribution/participation during the week is on the following:

  • Hosting a day – half or full sponsoring of a day (Lead in provision of content, leading the general sessions, identification of presenters, moderators)
  • Full or half sponsorship of the networking sessions
  • Sponsoring and coordination of their partners to participate
  • Coordination of sessions / breakout session
  • Presenting, chairing sessions
  • Participation in sessions
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Taking part in dissemination and publicity of information on the week
  • Join organizing and coordination committees

Note: Sponsorship opportunities are categorized as Gold, Platinum and Bronze. Please contact Foundation for Civil Society for more details.

6.0 Value CSOs’ Week brings to CSO

CSOs should sponsor the event and/or take part in the CSO Week, as it will;

  • Position ones organization as an innovator and leader in the CSO Sector
  • Raise the profile of your organization and key personnel
  • Host your beneficiaries, partners or prospective in an inspirational and enlighten environment
  • Development senior contacts with Parliament, Government and among CSOs and enhance your organization credibility and key prospects
  • Participate in the development of the week; contribute to the discussion of your sector top issues and opportunities for wider CSO engagement in the issue your organization is engaged in for collaboration and complementarity.