The CSO Excellence Awards are issued by Foundation for Civil Society in order to celebrate, recognize and honor achievements and contributions made by different institutions or individuals that have influenced development policy and practice in Tanzania. The awards primarily target civil society organizations operating in Tanzania, and they are also aimed at profiling local CSOs work in order to develop broader appreciation of the important work of civil society organizations in the country.

The awards are a chance for organizations to showcase their activities and impact for the sake of their own public relations and fundraising activities. The awards also offer the larger group a chance to learn about the unique approaches applied by different actors in the field of development for the sake of replication of change and innovation in the sector.


After the announcement of the award in September 2019, FCS received 166 nominations of people or organizations that have had outstanding impact in a number of specified areas. FCS then appointed a team of 3 judges were responsible for the selection of 3 finalists in each of 12 award categories.

The judging panel verified claims of impact and documented them as brief impact stories. Based on the scoring criteria below, the panel also selected the winner, first runner up and second runner up in each category of the awards.



Development Impact 50% Weight Reach and coverage Is the initiative addressing the problem Relevance to the target audience
Scale and/or Replicability 20% Weight How has it scaled since it began Can it be replicated elsewhere How accessible is the initiative
Sustainability (10% Weight) 10% Weight Has it attracted political will Involvement of citizens (acceptability of users) Cost implication
Impact to marginalized/ vulnerable groups (10% Weight) 10% Weight Disabled, people living with HIV Elderly, children Women
Creativity and innovation (10% Weight) 10% Weight Originality of the solution Model of application Does it solve a unique problem

Each of the shortlisted nominee was independently rated by all the judges. A calculated weighted average was then used to rank the results with a 0 as the minimum score and 10 as the maximum. Candidates with scores lower than 5 were not considered for an award.