On behalf of the steering committee, I would like to officially welcome participants to the CSO Week 2021. It is encouraging to see that, despite difficulties we all experienced in 2020, we can still come back with strong intent to continue work that we started in 2018 when we held the inaugural CSO Week.

This year’s event is the third in the series, and it is special. We have a wider group of co-organizers whose material and immaterial contributions will go a long way toward ensuring the event achieves its objectives.

Both individually and in our collectivity, we have continued to reflect on, among other things,
ways and mechanisms in which we can deepen the impact of civil society work by catalyzing more effective partnerships aimed at delivering development. As we learnt in previous engagements, these partnerships have to be built on a strong foundation of mutual recognition of the value each party brings to the table.

In line with this thinking, this year’s theme is “CSOs’ Contribution to National Development”. The content of sessions at this year’s event will be directed at demonstrating the civil society sector’s value to Tanzania’s social economic development. This theme will enable us to continue efforts to make the sector more visible as we strive for greater collaboration with the government, private sector, media, academia and other stakeholders.

My urge to you is to actively participate in this year’s event and take advantage of the myriad of activities that we have prepared for you throughout the duration of the event.

We value your partnership and hope that the CSO Week 2021 will enable us to work better together. Wishing you a lovely event!

Francis Kiwanga,

FCS Executive Director
On behalf of the Steering Committee

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