The CSO Week is an annual event organized by a consortium of Tanzania-based local and international Tanzanian civil society organizations

The CSO Week started in 2018 as a brainchild of Foundation for Civil Society whose reflections revealed the need to convene sectoral players in a week-long event that would enable the to primarily engage with government as a way of improving the operational environment for civil society organizations. Since the inaugural event, the sectoral group that organized the event made the strategic decision to hold the event annually. 


The broader objective of the CSO week is to create a sustainable model for growth fueled by civil society’s effective engagement in efforts to achieve Tanzania’s development vision. In the short term, this can be demonstrated by increased CSO participation and representation in national development efforts. This will be achieved when CSOs have a coordinated platform to interact with a myriad of important players in the country’s development.

2021 Theme: "AZAKI na Maendeleo"

“CSOs’ Contribution to National Development”
 Early into the sixth-phase government, CSOs intend to build a solid basis for CSO-government interactions in the coming years, based on the government’s greater appreciation of the value brought by CSOs in national development efforts.

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