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CSO Week 2019

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✓ CSO Awards and Gala Dinner

Tanzanian civil society organizations (CSOs), under the leadership of Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), are institutionalizing the conduct of an annual event dubbed the “CSO Week.” The week is geared at strengthening the operations and standing of the sector by enhancing engagements among CSOs themselves, and between CSOs and multiple other players including the central government, parliament and the private sector.

The fifth-phase government’s emphasis on industrialization is viewed as an important area where CSOs can position themselves as a strategic partner in efforts to realize the country’s development vision. The CSO Week was therefore launched in 2018 under the theme “Industrialization Drive in Tanzania: People, Policy and Practice.” Since its inauguration, the sectoral group that organized event made a strategic decision to hold the CSO Week annually, recognizing its importance in strengthening relationships between key development actors.

The theme for the CSO Week 2019 is “Progress through Partnership: Collaboration as a Driver for Development in Tanzania.” It is our hope that, the agenda for this event will enable CSOs to unlock mutually beneficial partnerships with the central government, parliament and the private sector and any other important development stakeholders. The content of the session should therefore be directed at building trust by tangibly demonstrating the civil society sector’s value to Tanzania’s social economic development.




Dodoma, Tanzania



Jamhuri Stadium, Dodoma.


150 booths will be set up at Jamhuri Stadium, Dodoma with public access from 04 - 07 November

Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner and Awards

The CSO Week 2019 Gala Dinner and CSO Excellence Awards will be held in the main hall at Morena Hotel on 8 November


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