CSO Week 2022 - People’s Development, People’s Stories
24 - 28 October, 2022
Arusha, Tanzania.

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Why attend?

The CSO Week is the largest gathering of civil society organizations in Tanzania. The event offers an opportunity to engage with multi-sectoral actors for purposes of enhancing partnerships in the interest of steering the national development agenda forward.


The Week offers an opportunity to engage in high level deliberative debates and dialogue on Tanzania’s development.


The Week is a great opportunity to interact with hundreds of CSOs as well as public and private sector actors.


The Week receives considerable attention on mainstream and social media platforms across the country.


People’s Development, People’s Stories

This theme underscores that the people are our most integral constituency, partners, and reason for existing.

It allows for critical reflection on the many approaches, systems, and processes used by CSOs to address the development challenges that Tanzanians confront, particularly those that are complex, deep-rooted, and long-standing. It also reaffirms our commitment to transformative change and leading by example.

CSO Week 2022 organizers